Is Clickfunnels Right for My Business?

If you have spent any amount of time in the world of digital marketing, the odds are pretty good you heard about the ClickFunnels platform. An absolute juggernaut in the online marketing space, ClickFunnels really helped to break ground by simplifying and systemizing most every aspect of your digital marketing funnel.

Providing all marketers including experts with years of experience under their belts as well as brand new rookies alike, with the tools and technology necessary to compete in today’s ridiculously competitive business environment. ClickFunnels has become the gold standard of online funnel and marketing tools and for good reason.

Designed and engineered from the ground up by digital marketers and for digital marketers, this is one of only a handful of software solutions out there created with the express intent to make users more money. The ClickFunnels platform is a well-designed marketing machine that you can put to work for your business right after signing up for a new account, and that’s why so many people choose to take advantage of this platform on a daily basis.

If you’re thinking about diving headfirst into everything that ClickFunnels has to offer, but want to make sure that it is the right tool for your needs, check out the rest of this quick ClickFunnels review. We cover all of the inside information you need to know about to make the right decision. Let’s dive right in!


Quick Pros and Cons


  • Effortless landing page building tools with true drag and drop technology
  • Easily integrates into all of your favorite email and payment systems and services
  • Designed to take advantage of full A/B testing protocols
  • Intuitive and straightforward to use “right out of the box”
  • Features a full free two-week trial offer without any limitations


  • Can get a little bit pricey with its variable subscription model
  • Won’t handle the traffic generation part of your online business for you
  • Has a lot of advanced bonus features you might not yet need

Initial Impressions

Established in 2014 by legendary online marketer Russell Brunson, originally as a software tool designed for his DotCom Secrets business to use in-house, it didn’t take long at all for this amazing marketer to realize that a lot of other online marketing experts and business owners could take advantage of the same tool and that’s when ClickFunnels became a Software as a Service business.

Right from day one, ClickFunnels was conceived of as being a simple and straightforward tool that ANY entrepreneur could use to maximize their online marketing capabilities. Not only was this tool designed to make the creation of landing pages and sales pages effortless (with drag and drop design capabilities), but it was also engineered around the idea of making sure that entrepreneurs had plenty of testing and optimization tools accessible right in to the platform as well.

Everything about this suite of tools has been built around the idea of creating a marketing funnel. The concept is something that has made Russell and his team millions and millions of dollars, and represents one of the biggest breakthroughs in the world of online marketing today.

Rather than trying to sell complete and total strangers your products or services on the very first meeting, the concept of a marketing funnel is that you instead get them to purchase a small or inexpensive product first or sign up for a free gift and then market to them consistently over time. Thus, building up the relationship and turning each customer into a more valuable business asset along the way.

Along every step of the funnel, you generate more and more value for your customers but those same customers also generate a lot more revenue and profit for your business, too.

The idea of a funnel really turned the online marketing world on its head, especially after the main business model of product launches started to fizzle and falter, and today this is seen as a much more effective and more long-term strategy designed for true wealth creation.

Everything about ClickFunnels revolves around this funnel concept, a concept that has made hundreds of millions of dollars for entrepreneurs and marketers all over the world and will continue to make hundreds of millions of dollars from here on out!

Standout Features of ClickFunnels

There’s a lot to like when you really dive into all that the ClickFunnels platform has to offer, but a handful of features really helped to separate this platform from the rest of the pack.

Drag and Drop Building Tools

Right out of the gate, the first thing that you are going to appreciate about ClickFunnels is the drag and drop design technology that acts as the foundation for this platform. Recognizing that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers had so much on their plate already that they didn’t have time to learn how to code and program websites as well, Russell and his team put together a whole host legitimate drag-and-drop solution that give you the ability to create profit producing sales pages and landing pages no time at all. Having the ability to rapidly design, integrate, and publish new landing pages and sales pages on the fly will help you to stay a couple of steps ahead of your competition. You will be able to make quick adjustments to your market with the optimization information you get from the testing data in ClickFunnels, in addition you will be able to put multiple versions of your sales and landing pages up against one another to find the best one with no headache at all.

Successful Template Library

Another feature of ClickFunnels is the successful template library that can help you produce game changing new marketing campaigns right out of the gate, even if you are brand-new to the world of digital marketing.

Russell and his team utilize the ClickFunnels platform with every single product launch they do, are constantly testing and optimizing landing pages and sales pages across multiple industries, and provide templates for the successful landing pages they have generated in the ClickFunnels template library. This is about as close to “set it and forget it” marketing as you are going to get! Combine these templates with the drag and drop design and building features and you’re really looking at something special here. You will be able to start off with proven templates to build the rest of your landing and sales page on, and thanks to those drag-and-drop tools you should have your first few landing and sales pages up and running in about five minutes or less!

A/B Testing Tools are the Best in the Business

The A/B testing tools and technology you will be able to make use of as part of the ClickFunnels platform will give you an almost unfair advantage over your competition. Many marketers and online business owners are under the impression that the truly great marketers are knocking home run after home run right out of the park on the first swing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Expert marketers understand better than anyone else the importance of testing, measuring, and optimizing every aspect of your sales funnel. They know that you have to rapidly integrate, make small changes to enjoy large improvements in conversion rates, and constantly test and tweak new components of your sales and marketing message to produce the kind of profit you are after. With the testing tools, optimization solutions, and marketing research built right into the ClickFunnels platform you will immediately have data for each and every one of the marketing campaigns you put together. You instantly become aware of how every single aspect of your marketing funnel influences your sales. This gives you the kind of power, leverage, and competitive advantage you just wouldn’t have enjoyed any other way.

By using these tools, you’ll see which changes work, which changes flop, and which changes are making the most impact when it comes to your bottom line sales and profit figures.

Effortless and Flexible API Integration

One of the most impressive things that Russell and his team have done is come up with a software solution that is full-featured and ready to work right out of the box, but also capable of integrating with other online marketing tools, services, and technology to give you all of the features you could ever want in one single source solution. The API integration tools built into the ClickFunnels platform are some of the easiest to use, regardless of whether or not you have a technology background or all kinds of computer skills. With the open API, you are going to be able to connect your ClickFunnels platform with all of your email marketing tools, autoresponder tools, shopping carts, and payment processors with no difficulty at all.

This gives you amazing control over your online marketing platform. Yes, the ClickFunnels tools are the same tools that every ClickFunnels client utilizes, but with the API you can enjoy a level of customization and flexibility with the ClickFunnels set up that gives you total control in a way not possible with other marketing funnel tools. New API integration options, plug-ins, and add-ons are regularly added to the ClickFunnels add-on library as well.

The team that Russell has put together is responsive to requests, too. This gives you the chance to recommend new integrations that can become a part of the core ClickFunnels experience faster than you would have thought possible!

Instant WordPress Integration

WordPress is the world’s most popular website building tool and the odds are pretty good that at least some of your online platforms are built using this CMS. You will be very happy to learn that ClickFunnels tightly integrates with WordPress in that few other marketing funnel solutions do. Right out of the box, you’ll be able to plug ClickFunnels into your WordPress installation allowing you to keep your online presence streamlined and uniform across the board.

Drawbacks to the ClickFunnels Setup

There really isn’t a lot to dislike when it comes to the ClickFunnels, but there are a few different drawbacks you want to be aware of before you sign up. Some have complained that ClickFunnels is a little bit on the more expensive side of things, particularly when compared to self hosted funnel software creation services that can be purchased outright rather than with a monthly subscription. Plans are $97 or $297 a month which may seem a little steep at first, but once you start to realize just how much extra money and profits ClickFunnels makes you, you’ll understand Russell and his team are giving you a significant discount on what this software is really worth to your bottom line. If you’re going to be investing in your financial future, $97 a month or even $297 a month is nothing but a drop in the bucket.

Secondly, customer service can be delayed. It’s important to remember that ClickFunnels has grown exponentially over the last four years, with thousands and thousands of smart and savvy business owners and digital marketers making use of this platform on a daily basis. You’ll always receive answers to your questions and your queries, but you may not get immediate answers. Usually customer service is good about responding to everything within a 24 to 48 hour window of time.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you are serious about building a legitimate online business, the kind of online business that can transform your financial future from here on out you’re going to need to make sure that you’re leveraging marketing funnels to the best of your abilities. There might be other tools and technology out there that promise you the same kind of benefits that ClickFunnels guarantees, but none of them are as feature rich, as proven, or as effective as ClickFunnels. None of them are run by legendary digital marketer Russell Brunson, either, and none of them are as frequently updated to stay ahead of the curve by his digital marketing team. You have to be at least a little bit crazy not to try out his two week unlimited free trial at the very least, just to see ClickFunnels is right for you.


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